GlobalSlots casino software

System requirements
  • Windows 7/8/Vista/XP или Linux (x86_32)
  • CPU Pentium3 1GHz
  • RAM 512MB
  • Video card 256MB
  • Screen resolution 1024х768
  • HDD 1,5GB free space
Standard instalation. Installation in Random Access Memory without tracking on PC. Browser version is available.
  • 114 games
  • 30 HD games
  • 13 HD games (cards, roulette, keno)
You can set 3 jackpots (range, probability, quantity of terminals for paying jackpots). Cashback can be set from 10 percent to 50 percent.
The basic settings are under your control and everything will function as you expect.

Flexible setting of bonuses and draws. Mathematics, which has been improved for years. Settings are tailored to clients and bring great satisfaction with game, and produce a profit for you.

Advantages of the system
The most favorite and time-proved games for clients. Possibility to hold proposed draws and constantly encourage clients with bonuses. The system has been at the European market more than 8 years, and the clubs on this platform are almost in each city of Europe.
global slots online casino

Globalslots Gaming Platform

Globalslots Gaming Platform is one of the most attractive solutions for computer rooms. It is one of leaders in number of installations and positive testimonials. It is distinguished by convenience, variability, regular improvement.

Peculiarities of Globalslots

The owners and administrators of themed institutions can see value in combination of availability and profitability of this gaming platform. The developers have worked hard at its improvement more than one year, taking into account the remarks of the users of old versions. As a result, Globalslots has achieved worthy characteristics:

  • special skills and knowledge are not required for the installation and maintenance. Everything is performed according to the standard scheme and even an advanced user without special qualification can do it;
  • compatibility with widespread OS;
  • unique algorithm, a gambler can be under illusion that he understood the calculation mathematics;
  • regulated percent of return;
  • number of games ranges within 100;
  • multilevel jackpot;
  • modern graphic with available interface, which can be mastered even by new user in several minutes.

In addition to the listed characteristics, there are advantages attractive for the owners and administrators. The administrator's wallet, which is a buffer for the accrual and movement of gambling credits inside of the installed network, is referred to them.

Thanks to the marketing and programming departments, the company constantly develops. The marketing department is engaged in the study of demand for gambling services and customers needs, and the programming department develops program products and implements them in gaming platform. The gamblers enjoy the game thanks to the stable updating of game and improvement of financial applications.

We provide 24h/7 support for platforms Globalslots

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